While you are here

If you are the Spokesperson of an experiment at NSCL, you should take care of the following items prior to arrival to perform the experiment:

  • Notified the Manager for User Relations of your arrival, so that arrangements can be made to provide the best possible support for your experiment.

General Visitor information

Parking, Parking Permit, and Access Keys

Outside users arriving by car should park in the Shaw Parking ramp, which is north of NSCL/FRIB directly across Shaw Lane.  Do not park in a metered or leased space.  Obtain a parking pass from the receptionist for either 24 hours or 1 week.  Note: parking in the Shaw ramp is free (with no pass needed) overnight from 6 pm – 7 am and on the weekend.

For entry into NSCL when you first arrive, please go to the main (west) entrance of the building. If you arrive during normal business hours, the doors will be open; identify yourself to the receptionist as a user and request to see the Manager for User Relations. If after hours, please use the phone located between the outer and inner doors to call the Operator at 77305; and, if (s)he is not at that number, page him/her by dialing 70143. Or you can use your cell phone to call the Cyclotron Console at (517)908-7305.

If you are staying at Kellogg Center, please note that Kellogg will provide free transportation between the hotel and NSCL, if arrangements are made in advance with the hotel.

Outside users will need NSCL access cards to enter NSCL and work in radiation-restricted areas of the laboratory. For more details, please refer to the Responsibilities of Experimenters 


For transportation around the area you may also rent a car through ZipCar, which charges either per hour or per day. There ZipCars are in several locations around campus, including across from the NSCL entrance, near the Planetarium. For more information about ZipCar, rates, and usage, check their website

Connecting to the Internet 

MSU guests and visitors can connect to MSUNet Guest Wireless without needing an MSU NetID or to register their devices.

Read more about MSUNet Guest Access.


Eduroam is a wireless network access service that allows global Wi-Fi compatibility between academic institutions and organizations. Students, researchers, staff, and faculty from a participating institution can access the wireless networks of any other participating institution by using their home institution’s credentials.

This means that visitors to MSU have easy access to Wi-Fi while on campus, and the MSU community has easy access when visiting other institutions across the world!

The process for connecting to Eduroam varies between devices. See below to learn how to connect yours:

Connecting to Eduroam for Windows: https://go.msu.edu/EduWin

Connecting to Eduroam for Mac: https://go.msu.edu/EduMac

Connecting to Eduroam for Android: https://go.msu.edu/EduAnd

Connection to Eduroam for iOS: https://go.msu.edu/EduiOSStatus Meetings for Experimenters

Status Meetings for Experimenters

There are two short meetings that take place each day to provide information to experimenters regarding the status of the facility.  At least one person from the experimental collaboration should attend each meeting to give a brief statement on the status of the experiment.  The first meeting occurs at 8 AM in the 1200 Lecture Hall and the second meeting occurs at 1:45 PM in the atrium.

List of Area Hotels

NSCL has special arrangements with several hotels to provide rooms at reduced rates for NSCL users and visitors, including visitors who pay their own expenses.

Personal Dosimeter

The receptionist will issue a personal dosimeter to each member of your group. You must wear the dosimeter at all times when you are in the laboratory. Please remember to return it to the Manager for User Relations when you leave.

Telephones and EMail

The main telephone number for the laboratory is 517-355-9671. A receptionist will be at this number during normal work hours in the Eastern Time Zone. The telephone number for the Data-U's is 517-908-711x (where x=1 to 6 for each Data-U). East Lansing is in the Eastern Time zone.

Users are encouraged to use their own cell phones to make personal calls. If you need to call someone in the lab from a lab phone, dial 77 and the last three digits of their phone number. 

Experimental Accounts on the NSCL Computers

For data acquisition, you will typically log in to one or more Linux and Windows machines located in the Data U's and the experimental vaults. The spokesperson of the experiment will be issued an experiment account, and instructions will be given to him/her regarding how to log in.

Seating Space

The User Area is room 1232, which is just outside the Data U area.There is wireless internet access in the User Area.

Wireless Printing

NSCL has two wireless printers, which users can use to print while connected to the wireless network. The printers are located in the Copy Room on the main hallway (room 1147) and in the theory wing (room 2004). Instructions for using the wireless printers, both on a Windows machine and Mac, can be found here. 


The Manager for User Relations is responsible for:

  • Coordination with users regarding experimental set-up.
  • Coordination with users during experiment to ensure efficient use of accelerator time.

For detailed information on a particular experimental device, please refer to the Technical Information about Experimental Devices page.

Operator Assistance During Your Experiment

The role of the Operator-in-Charge is described in Appendix 1 of the Responsibilities of Experimenters document.

Dining on Campus

There are two MSU cafeterias that are each a short (<5 min) walk from the Laboratory. Owen Hall is located diagonally across the intersection of Shaw Lane and Bogue Street, just east of NSCL. Shaw Hall is located directly North of the Laboratory, across from the Shaw Parking Ramp. For hours and menu, please visit Eat at State.

There are many additional options within walking distance in East Lansing.

Campus Information

Campus information is available at the Michigan State University website.

Exercise Facilities on Campus

You can exercise at the IM Sports East Building, located just to the east of NSCL on Shaw Lane. It is necessary to have MSU ID to use the IM facilities. If you wish to avail of them, the procedure is:

  1. Get a letter stating your visitor status from the Manager for User Relations.

  2. Take the letter to Room 201 of the IM West Building (about 1 mile west of NSCL). Go to room 201 weekdays before 4:30 pm, or call 517-908-6768 to schedule an evening appointment. If you make an evening appointment, you would take the letter to Room 209.

  3. Get an ID card for a charge ($25).

  4. Use the card at the IM East facility or any of the other IM facilities.

  5. After purchasing a card, the following activities are free: using the indoor track at IM East, swimming at the IM West Indoor Pool and IM Circle Indoor Pool, basketball, racquetball, squash courts at IM East and IM West.

  6. Fitness centers and group exercise classes at IM East, IM West, and IM Circle can be utilized by purchasing a day pass for $7 per day.