The NSCL thrives on the talent of its employees. We currently seek individuals to fill the following vacancies

Faculty Positions

No positions at this time

Postdoctoral Researchers

  1. Research Associate
  2. Research Associate - Accelerator Systems
  3. Research Associate - Experimental Research
  4. Research Associate - Advanced Detectors
  5. Research Associate – Nuclear Science and Security Consortium
  6. Research Associate – Accelerator Physics
  7. Research Associate -  Spinlab
  8. Research Associate - Accelerator Systems
  9. Research Associate - Data Acquisition
  10. Research Associate - FRIB Theory Alliance Fellow
  11. Research Associate - Stopped Beams

Other Positions

  1. Low-Energy Rare Isotope Beam Physicist 
  2. Data Acquisition Scientist

If you're from out of the area and are looking for more information on mid-Michigan, please visit greaterlansinglife.com. There you'll find information on schools, neighborhoods, cultural attractions, and more. The Web site was generously prepared by several MSU community partners, including the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce and Lansing Economic Area Partnership, that are committed to the success of the present and future of rare isotope research at MSU.

NSCL is proud of the Diversity Advisory Comittee. The Diversity Advisory Comittee is a standing committee that will advise the director on how to improve the diversity of the NSCL workforce and how to make the NSCL work-environment welcoming and inclusive.

Michigan State University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.