Call for Proposals

The 43rd meeting of the NSCL Program Advisory Committee (PAC) was held March 7-8, 2019. Forty-five proposals were submitted (7,194 hours of beam time) and 22 proposals were approved (3040 hours). Two Letters of Intent were also reviewed. Eleven of the approved experiments will utilize the Gamma-ray energy tracking array (GRETINA), which will return to NSCL and be available for experiments in the S3 vault coupled with the S800 spectrometer in June 2019. Overall, the approved experiments involve 265 unique users (including 54 students) from 66 institutions and 16 countries. A list of the approved experiments can be found here:

PAC43 marks the final meeting of the NSCL PAC. The first NSCL PAC meeting was held in February 1982, with 43 submitted proposals for 4,334 hours of beam from 83 users (32 internal to MSU). 1,586 hours were approved for beam time in NSCL PAC1. While the final NSCL PAC represents the end of an era, users are eagerly anticipating first FRIB PAC, and the beginning of a new era of scientific discovery.

The Call for Proposals for PAC43 can still be viewed for reference.

Every PAC meeting hosts an outside observer, who is there to represent the user community. The observer for PAC43 was Andrew Rogers from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, and his observations can be found here.