For NSCL Users

31 July 2020

In compliance with Michigan Governor Whitmer’s executive order (executive order 2020-160), the  Laboratory continues to limit on-site functions. Access to the facility is limited to specially-designated employees. Limited laboratory research activities have resumed. All resumed activities are subject to stringent precautionary measures (executive order 2020-114). A significant fraction of NSCL/FRIB's workforce continues teleworking.

As these measures impact your interaction with NSCL/FRIB personnel, your patience is appreciated during this unprecedented situation. Please contact us at

We realize this is a great inconvenience for our scientific users, especially those with an experiment on the published schedule. We do not yet know how this will impact the experimental schedule. As soon as we have more information, we will be in communication with experiment spokespersons.


NSCL and FRIB welcome researchers from universities, government labs, and industry who are interested in performing experiments.  There are three ways to obtain beam time at NSCL:

1. Submit a proposal during the Call for Proposal period for review by the Program Advisory Committee (PAC).  A Call for Proposals is issued approximately every 6-12 months.  The majority of beam time granted at NSCL is approved by the PAC.

2. Write a letter to the director for discretionary beam time.  Examples of discretionary experiments include commissioning of new devices and very high impact scientific experiments.

3. Pay for beam time.  Approximately 5% of accelerator time is available for purchase. Contact the Manager for User Relations for this procedure


We strive to provide excellent support for every aspect of your experiment — prior to, during, and following your work at our facility. We invite you to contact the Manager for User Relations, with any questions or requests that you might have.

Please review the FRIB/NSCL Code of Conduct