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Activities to Try at Home

Nuclear Science at Home with Dr. Zach Constan

Pennies are Protons: Learn nuclear science at home

Pennies are Protons teacher guide

Pennies are Protons student worksheet

The following activities work best if you've already completed "Pennies are Protons" above!

BBN and p-p chain games teacher guide
BBN and p-p chain games student worksheet
Building the Heavy Elements Teacher Guide

Building the Heavy Elements Student worksheet
Neutron Capture Process chart (for use with Building the Heavy Elements)

Shadow Nuclei teacher guide

Shadow Nuclei student worksheet

Poster with each element illustrated in the Periodic Table


The Quantum World of Atomic Nuclei with Dean Lee

Ask a Scientist: Nuclear Science and the Stars with Artemis Spyrou

(almost) 14 Billion Years of Nuclei

Who will solve the problems: careers in Science

Fantastic Nuclei and Where to Find Them

Explore Nuclear Science at MSU

Virtual tour of NSCL

Take a tour of NSCL

Science of NSCL

About FRIB

Biggest expansion of known chemical universe targeted by FRIB nuclear facility

Careers in Physics

Explore career options in physics

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