K-12 Education

Students can be attracted to nuclear science at a young age through their fascination with astronomy, or the mystery of quantum mechanics. We see our involvement with K–12 teachers and students as a golden opportunity to spread understanding of our work and science and to recruit the scientists who will follow in our footsteps.

Teachers and students may be interested in Laboratory tours. To bring the subject matter to middle- or high-school classrooms, NSCL and JINA have co-developed a freely-available series of nuclear science lessons and activities. You can learn more about this project through a journal article in The Physics Teacher.

Our researchers often take their enthusiasm for nuclear science on the road, visiting classrooms science festivals to share their work with curious students. Read more about NSCL events like the Science Festival here.

The logo from the MSU science festival

A group of student raise their hands at a presentation in the auditorium of NSCL