Research Highlights


Nambu‐Goldstone modes in superfluid atomic nuclei
by Nobuo Hinohara and Witek Nazarewicz
Heavy Elements from Deep Space
By Witek Nazarewicz
Predicting Spontaneous Fission Fragment Yields
by Witek Nazarewicz


o22     First principle calculations of medium-mass nuclei
     by Scott Bogner

   New Insight Into Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
   by Alex Brown

   From Nuclei to Neutron Stars
   by Pawel Danielewicz

 hergert oxygen     A Novel Many-Body Method for Open-Shell Nuclei
     by H. Hergert

ab inito      How Big is a Nucleus?
     by Morten Hjorth-Jensen

nunes2    Describing compound reactions for neutron capture
    by Filomena Nunes
    Optical potentials in nuclear reactions
    by Filomena Nunes

pratt    Modeling tools for collisions
    by Scott Pratt

nuclear pasta
    How Much Nuclear Pasta Is Too Much?
    by Bastian Schütrumpf and Witek Nazarewicz

si18       Level Density
    by Vladimir Zelevinsky

moru pes    Theory of rotating triaxial nuclei 
    by C. L. Zhang and W. Nazarewicz