Nuclear Data Center

Nuclear Data Center at NSCL was started in April, 2015, as a member of U.S. Nuclear Data Program (USNDP). The center contributes to the program primarily by compiling and evaluating nuclear structure and decay data (directly measured or deduced) for two major databases:

  • ENSDF (Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File) database: evaluate experimental data from journal papers, conference proceedings, lab reports, and thesis, and recommend the best values for each mass chain.
  • XUNDL (eXperimental Unevaluated Nuclear Data List) database: compile (unevaluated) data from current publications for each paper; provide rapid access to formatted data from latest publications; serve as data repository for unpublished data.

The NSCL data center is responsible for evaluating data for the mass region of  A=31 - 44, as assignment within the international Nuclear Structure and Decay Data (NSDD) network, and for compiling all data coming out from NSCL and FRIB in the future. It also helps develop and improve the analysis and utility tools used in data compilation and evaluation.

Contributions to USNDP by the NSCL center so far:

  • evaluation of A=40 mass-chain for ENSDF database (started in April 2015 at NSCL, finished in September 2015)
  • evaluation of A=109 mass-chain (collaboration with other centers, started at ANL, continued and finished at NSCL).
  • Compilations of data from 108 papers (creating 172 data sets) for XUNDL as of September 30, 2015.
  • Improvements and maintenance of a production program for the journal of Nuclear Data Sheet which hosts the publications of mass-chain evaluations.
ENSDF Database
NuDat: interactive search for ENSDF
Live Chart of Nuclides
Nuclear Data Services
XUNDL Database

For more information, please contact:

Michael Thoennessen (Program Manager):

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