Director's Research Scholar

The Director's Research Scholar (DRS) program is a collaboration between the NSCL and Judi Brown Clarke , the Diversity Director of Bio-Computational Evolution in Action Consortium (BEACON). The program aims at offering research opportunities at the NSCL to qualified undergraduate students and enhancing the diversity of the undergraduate population in the laboratory. Students selected for the DRS program will be provided with a mentoring network, which includes their faculty advisor, graduate students and/or postdocs of their research group, Dr. Brown Clarke and the DRS program coordinator at the NSCL. This enhanced mentoring structure will help the DRS students be successful in their research and in a future career in STEM fields.

DR Scholarship award & Expectations.
DR Scholarships last for one year (i.e. including one fall, one spring and one summer semester), and can be initiated at the start of any of the academic semesters. Extension of the scholarship beyond the first year can be made on the basis of mutual agreement between the DR Scholar and the NSCL faculty mentor, in coordination with the DRS Program coordinator and Dr. Judi Brown Clarke. Termination of the scholarship prior to the 1-year mark require the consent of the DRS Program Coordinator and Dr. Judi Browne Clarke.

DR Scholars are expected to engage for at least an average of 10 hrs per week, and will be supported by NSCL at the minimum-wage level on the basis of actual hours spent on the research project. During the summer semester, scholars are presented with the opportunity to pursue their research project full-time. DR scholars are expected to follow all relevant rules, regulations and practices at the NSCL and will receive appropriate safety and other trainings for their research activities at the NSCL. DR scholars are also expected to participate in scholarly and research activities of the research group they are engaged with, such as group meetings.

At the end of their Scholarship, DR Scholars are expected to present their research work at the NSCL at an appropriate venue and will be presented with a Certificate indicating their successful completion of their Scholarship. Possible venues for research presentations are the UURAF  program at MSU or the CEU program at the APS DNP meeting, but could also include opportunities at NSCL.

Interested undergraduate students should apply using the online Application Form
Your Application Should Include:
  1. Research Statement in which you describe why the particular program is of interest to you
  2. Personal Statement in which you present your future career goals and how this program will help you in that direction
  3. Undergraduate Transcripts
  4. Two Letters of Recommendation from faculty members submitted through the online Recommendation Form

Applications are accepted at all times and they will be considered once all materials have been received.
For questions you can contact Dr. Judi Brown Clarke ( or the NSCL DRS program coordinator Dean Lee (