Lab Tour Instructions

  • Laboratory tours include currently-operating areas. These tours are free and typically last 90 minutes.
  • Tours can accomodate 10 - 50 visitors in a single day. if your group is larger than 50, consider bringing the subset that is most interested.
  • Tours are targeted for ages 10 and up, but younger guests are welcome.
  • Tours are offered by appointment - contact Outreach Coordinator Zach Constan (517-908-7363, to ask about scheduling your tour.
  • When scheduling, please provide your group/organization name, type of audience (adults, students, etc.), contact person, email address, and number of visitors (an accurate estimate).
  • While planning your visit, you might also consider visiting other MSU attractions - contact the MSU Tour Coordinators for assistance at
  • Visit the Lab Tour webpage for important information and linked files. There you will find the Minor Permission form that must be signed by the adult responsible for any guests under 18 on the day of the visit.
  • The tour route is handicap-accessible and safe for guests with medical implants. The tour stays on level floors for the duration.
  • Make sure you have enough adult chaperones; NSCL requires a minimum chaperone-to-child ratio of 1:7 for grades 4-6 and 1:10 for grades 7-8.
  • Open-toed and high-heeled shoes are not recommended.
  • Photography is not allowed while touring the research space. However, there is a "photo wall" if you want to take a group picture!
  • Guides perform a safety survey before every tour to ensure that visitors will receive no excess radiation exposure (beyond the normal background) while in the vaults.
  • If the number in your group changes significantly from your original estimate, email Zach ( at least 72 hours before your tour.
  • Use the directions to the laboratory ( to find parking and the lab entrance. Visitors often become lost on campus or can’t find the correct door to enter the building.
  • Read about nuclear science beforehand on our website ( if you or your group want to know more before the tour.
  • When you arrive in our lobby, tell the receptionist you are here for a tour and give the name of your contact.That person will meet you in the lobby and escort you into the laboratory.
  • The tour typically begins with an extensive slideshow introduction with demonstrations in the Lecture Hall. Bathrooms are available next to that room.
  • Your tour guide will want to know the level of physics your group understands and whether you have any time limitations in case the tour runs over. Remember, a typical tour lasts 90 minutes, so plan accordingly.
  • If your group has more than 12 people, it will likely be broken up into smaller groups of up to 12 for the tour.
  • If there are young students among you, each smaller group must have at least one adult chaperone to follow them.
  • The walking part of the tour lasts about 45 minutes. Visitors will be on their feet for the duration.
  • NSCL is a working laboratory. On the day of your tour, some areas may be inaccessible.
  • Your group may be joined with another one that requested a tour in the same time period.
  • In case of alarm, there will be lights and an announcement – evacuate to the nearest safe exit.
  • Always follow the directions of your tour guide.
PDF of this page is available here to print/download.

NSCL Parking Map

NSCL entrance