A. Kwiatkowski Awarded the Freedman Award

Former NSCL graduate student Ania Kwiatkowski has been awarded by the American Physical Society the 2018 Stuart Jay Freedman Award in Experimental Nuclear Physics. The award recognizes outstanding early career experimentalist in nuclear physics. Ania Kwiatkowski received this award for “For outstanding and innovative contributions to precision mass measurements, commitment to mentoring of young researchers, and leadership in the low energy nuclear physics community.”

Ania Kwiatkowski received her PhD from MSU in 2011 for her research at the NSCL at the Penning trap mass spectrometry LEBIT facility under supervision by Prof. Georg Bollen. Her thesis work included the high-precisions mass measurement of 32P, which provided the most stringent test of the Isobaric Multiplet Mass Equation at the time and she added the new ion manipulation technique called Stored Waveform Inverse Fourier Transform ion excitation to the LEBIT portfolio. Already during her time as graduate student at MSU Ania Kwiatkowski demonstrated her interest and talent in bringing students together and engage them in extracurricular activities, for example in the Women and Minorities in the Physical Sciences program.

Ania Kwiatkowski continued her successful career as postdoctoral researcher at TRIUMF, Canada's national particle accelerator center, at the TITAN ion trap facility under the supervision of Jens Dilling before accepting an Assistant Professorship position at Texas A&M. She returned to TRIUMF as a staff physicist and adjunct faculty at the University of British Columbia to take on the leadership of the TITAN program.

Congratulations to Ania on winning the 2018 Stuart Jay Freedman Award!