Women in Science

Two events are organized at the NSCL/FRIB laboratory on March 23rd to highlight the contributions, achievements and experiences of women in science and in engineering:

Women and Minorities in Science Lecture Series: Dr. Catherine Westfall from Lyman Briggs College will bring us the history of the important Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and intertwine it with discussion of the work of two Nobel Laureates, Glenn Seaborg and Edwin McMillan.  The lecture will take place in the FRIB Lecture Hall on March 23rd at 11am (Rm. 1200, 640 S. Shaw Ln)

Women in Science - Curie_Meitner_Lamarr_Indivisible - A performance by the Vienna Portrait Theater.   JINA-CEE in collaboration with MSU partners invites the MSU and Greater Lansing communities to a theater performance by the “portraittheater” from Vienna, Austria.  The performance will take place in the FRIB Auditorium (Rm. 1300, 640 South Shaw Lane) on March 23 2017 at 6:30 pm. More information and free advance tickets are available at indico.fnal.gov/event/JINAPT.

Enabling the full participation of women, and of other underrepresented groups, in scientific advancement is one of the goals of the Laboratory and JINA-CEE.  The two events aim at highlighting the importance of diversity in making discoveries.  A diverse workforce can maximize the scientific, educational and societal benefits of research.  People with different backgrounds, experiences and skills, bring fresh ideas and original views, providing solutions to difficult problems.  The NSCL/FRIB Laboratory strives to create and maintain an open and welcoming environment for all.  We invite you to attend the two events and show your support to our effort of creating a culture that doesn’t just accept diversity, but understands and encourages it, for the benefit of our society.