The Discovery of Isotopes: a Complete Compilation

A new book, "The Discovery of Isotopes - A complete compilation", has recently been published. The book, authored by Laboratory Faculty member Michael Thoennessen, is as “the” authoritative source for the determination of the discoveries of all nuclides. 'The Discovery of Isotopes' describes the exciting discovery of every isotope observed on earth to date, which currently numbers some 3,000. The discoveries are arranged in chapters according to the observation techniques or production methods. Each chapter contains tables listing the first authors of the first publication as well as details about the production and detection methods used. At the end, a comprehensive table lists all isotopes sorted by elements. The book is based on individual paragraphs for each isotope, which were published over the last few years as separate articles in the journal “Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables”. The work re-evaluates all prior assignments judging them with a uniform set of criteria. In addition, the author includes over 100 new isotopes which have been discovered since the articles published. This book is a source of information for researchers as well as enthusiastic novices alike.