Fragmentation Demonstrations for Teachers

One of JINA’s most-appreciated outreach efforts is pre-assembled “fragmentation boxes” that are offered freely to science teachers. These boxes, along with model marble “nuclei”, accompany a number of activities and lessons that make it easier to introduce nuclear reactions in the classroom. Last weekend, JINA outreach director Micha Kilburn constructed 30 such boxes with volunteer help from Mike Bennett, Xingze Mao, Becky Lewis, Rachel Sandler, Brandon Elman, and Zach Matheson.

The box design makes it easy for teachers to use, store, and replicate if they desire (the instructional downloads include a full set of instructions). All eighteen teachers who attend the Physics of Atomic Nuclei workshop at NSCL this summer will receive training and a free box with nuclei. The remaining boxes will be distributed on a case-by-case basis to teachers who have experience with the demonstration and a clear desire to implement nuclear astrophysics in their classrooms.

 Watch a slow motion video of the demonstration here.