Call for Proposals

We invite proposals for beam time to be considered at the 41st meeting of the NSCL Program Advisory Committee (PAC), which will be held May 3-4, 2017.  The Call for Proposals for PAC41 can be found here.  PAC41 will consider experiments using fast, stopped, and reaccelerated beams.

The proposal submission deadline is Wednesday March 1, 2017.  Please go here:  to submit your proposals to the online PAC app.  The Proposal Elements document, which you can use to write the body of your proposal and upload to the PAC app, can be found here.  You are welcome to contact Jill Berryman, Manager for User Relations, for help at any time during the proposal process.

The CCF Primary beam list and the ReA3 beam lists (both stable and radioactive) can be found on this page:

Every PAC meeting hosts an outside observer, who is there to represent the user community.  The observer for PAC40 was Calem Hoffman from Argonne National Laboratory, and his observations can be found here.