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Name Position Employer Email Year Region Current Field
Crider, Ben Assistant Professor Mississippi State University 2017 United States of America College / University
Morfouace , Pierre Research Associate GANIL 2017 National Laboratory
Zhang , Chunli Postdoctoral Fellow Georgia Institute of Technology 2017 United States of America College / University
Naqvi, Farheen Research Associate University of Notre Dame 2016 United States of America College / University
Rost , Stefan Forschungszentrum Jülich 2016 Germany College / University
Tangwancharoen , Suwat King Mongkut's university of technology thonburi 2016 Thailand College / University
Kuchera, Anthony Visiting Assistant Professor Davidson College 2016 United States of America College / University
kuchera, Michelle Assistant Professor Davidson College 2015 United States of America College / University
Langer, Christoph Research Associate University of Frankfurt 2015 Germany College / University
Showalter, Rachel Hodges Actuary Auto-Owners Insurance Company 2015 United States of America Other
Winkelbauer, Jack Postdoc Los Alamos National Laboratory 2015 United States of America National Laboratory
Paulauskas, Stanley Project Manager Tusk Software 2015 United States of America Private Industry
Quinn, Stephen Senior Staff Applied Physics Laboratory 2015 United States of America Other
Meisel, Zach Assistant Professor Ohio University 2015 College /University
Ayyad, Yassid Senior Scientific Engineering Associate LBNL 2015 U.S.A. National Laboratory
Scott, Michael The Wonderful Company 2015 USA Consultant
Fritsch, Adam Assistant Professor Gonzaga University 2014 USA Small College
Stroberg, Ragnar Visiting Assistant Professor Reed College 2014 U.S.A. College/University
Kittimanapun, Kritsada Staff Scientist Synchrotron Light Research Institute (SLRI) 2014
Novak, John Quantitative Research Analyst Fellow U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission 2014
Suchyta, Scott Senior Scientiest Remote Sensing Laboratory - Andrews 2014 United States of America Industry
Shane, Rebecca Diagnostic Research Scientist Facility for Rare Isotope Beams 2014 United States of America College / University
Barquest, Bradley TRIUMF 2014 Canada National Laboratory
Smith, Jenna Visiting Assistant Professor Reed College 2014 U.S.A. College/University
Ahn, Tan Assistant Professor University of Notre Dame 2014 United States of America College / University
Upadhyay, Neelam SERB Scientist UM-DAE Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences 2013 India College / University
Youngs, Mike Postdoctoral Research Associate and Part-Time Instructor Texas A&M University and Blinn College None 2013
Klose, Andrew NRC Postdoctoral Fellow National Institute of Standards and Technology None 2013
Keek, Laurens Postdoctoral Fellow Georgia Institute of Technology None 2013
Ekstrom, Andreas Postdoc Chalmers University of Technology 2013 Sweden College / University
Vredevoogd, Josh Data Scientist- Fraud/Risk Eventbrite 2013
Baugher, Travis Postdoctoral Researcher Los Alamos National Lab 2013 United States of America National Laboratory
Barker, Brent Assistant Professor of Physics Roosevelt University 2013 United States of America College / University
Coupland, Daniel Staff Scientist Los Alamos National Laboratory 2013 United States of America National Laboratory
Lemasson, Antoine Researcher CNRS 2012 France National Laboratory
Pervin, Muslema 2012
Jia, Liyuan Associate Professor University of Shanghai for Science and Technology 2012 China College / University
Del Santo, Marcelo 2011
Becerril, Ana Postdoctoral Researcher Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México 2011
Christian, Gregory Assistant Professor Texas A&M 2011 College/University
Sanetullaev, Alisher Assistant Professor Inha University in Tashkent 2011
Signoracci, Angelo Postdoctoral Researcher Oak Ridge National Laboratory None 2011 USA National Laboratory
Kilburn, Micha A. JINA-CEE Director of Outreach & Education University of Notre Dame 2011 United States of America College / University
Strongman, Michael Physical Scientist Dept. of Air Force 2011 United States of America Government/Military
DeLauter, Jonathan Radiotherapy Physicist Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 2011 USA Medicine
Voss, Philip Assistant Professor Albion College 2011 United States of America College / University
Steiner, Andrew W. Physicist Oak Ridge National Laboratory 2011 USA National Laboratory
(Meharchand) Hutton , Rhiannon Research Staff Institute for Defense Analysis 2011 United States of America Government
McDaniel, Sean Senior Multi-discipline Systems Engineer The MITRE Corporation 2011 USA Industry
Ratkiewicz, Andrew Postdoctoral Associate Rutgers 2011 USA Research University
Mosby, Shea Postdoc LANSCE-NS, LANL 2011 USA
Estrade, Alfredo Postdoctoral Research Associate University of Edinburgh None 2010 Scotland
Ferrer, Rafael Senior Scientist - Laser Specialist KU Leuven - IKS 2010 Belgium College / University
Crawford, Heather Postdoc Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 2010 USA National Laboratory
Campbell, Chris Project Scientist Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 2010
Capel, Pierre Assistant Professor University Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) 2010 Belgium College / University
Ghosh, Tilak Scientific Officer (Staff scientist) Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre 2010 India National Laboratory
Haynie, Tim Senior Wireless Network Engineer Workday, Inc. 2010 United States of America Enterprise
Gebremariam, Biruk Principal Researcher and Developer (Machine learning) SAS Institute Inc. 2010 United States of America SAS Institute Inc
Lorusso, Giuseppe Post-Doc Riken 2010
Ropponen, Tommi Radiation safety engineer Fortum 2010 Finland Energy industry
Grinyer, Geoffrey Fathom Professor University of Regina 2010 Canada College / University
Guess, Carol Visiting Assistant Professor Swarthmore College 2010 United States of America College / University
Henzlova, Daniela Staff Scientist Los Alamos National Laboratory 2009 USA National Laboratory
Henzl, Vlad Staff Scientist Los Alamos National Laboratory 2009 USA National Laboratory
Batygin, Yuri Scientist Los Alamos National Laboratory 2009 USA 2009
Brida, Ivan Postdoctoral Research Associate Argonne National Laboratory 2009 USA National Laboratory
Amthor, Matthew Assistant Professor Bucknell University 2009 United States of America College / University
Koch, Geoff Writer Mentor Graphics 2009 USA Science Writing
Hitt, George Wesley Assistant Professor Khalifa University of Science, Technology, and Research None 2009 UAE Research University
Stoker, Joshua Asst. Professor Mayo Clinic Arizona 2009 USA Medicine
Wang, Hongwei Associate Professor Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Science 2009 China Research University
Miller, David Postdoctoral Research Fellow TRIumF 2009 Canada
Strother, Terrance Staff Scientist Los Alamos National Laboratory 2009 USA
Rogers, Andrew Assistant Professor University of Massachusetts Lowell None 2009 USA National Laboratory
Rios, Arnau Lecturer in Nuclear Theory University of Surrey 2009 United Kingdom of Great Britain College / University
Cole, Arthur L. Assistant Professor Kalamazoo College 2008 USA Small College
Adrich, Przemyslaw Senior R&D specialist National Centre for Nuclear Research 2008 Poland Medicine
Facina, Marius Research Associate Carleton University None 2008 Canada Research University
Thirupathi, Sivarani Reader Indian Institute of Astrophysics 2008 India National Laboratory
Gavartin, Emanuel Graduate Student Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne None 2008 Switzerland Research University
Schriber, Stan Owner Schriber Consulting 2008 USA
Tur, Clarisse Financial Advisor Merrill Lynch 2008 USA Finance
Sun, Zhiyu Associate Professor Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Science Academy 2008 China National Laboratory
Zamiri, Amir Reza R&D Engineer Medtronic None 2008 USA Medicine
Guenaut, Celine Engineer MILLENNIUM FREYSSINET (France) 2007 France Industry
Lacroix, Denis Research Scientist CNRS/IN2P3 2007 France National Laboratory
Peters, William A. Research Scientist II University of Tennessee 2007 USA Research University
Schiller, Andreas None 2007
Shimbara, Yoshihiro Assistant Professor Niigata University 2007 Japan Research University
Schury, Peter Contract Researcher RIKEN 2007 Japan National Laboratory
Piau, Laurent Researcher CNRS / LATMOS None 2007 France National Laboratory
Diget, Christian Aaen Postdoctoral Research Associate University of York 2007 United Kingdom Research University
Armstrong, Jeremy Assistant professor University of Nebraska at Kearney 2007 USA
Bachelet, Cyril Research Engineer CNRS 2007 France National Laboratory
Block, Michael Staff Scientist GSI Darmstadt 2007 Germany National Laboratory
Galaviz Redondo, Daniel Assistant Professor Faculty of Sciences - University of Lisbon 2006 Portugal College / University
Frank, Nathan Assistant Professor Augustana College (Rock Island, IL) 2006 USA Small College
Gupta, Sanjiv Assistant Professor Indian Institute of Technology Ropar None 2006 India Research University
Aizaz, Ahmad None 2006
Ringle, Ryan Physicist Michigan State University 2006 USA Research University
Kajino, Toshitaka Professor National Astronomical Observatory, University of Tokyo 2006 Japan Research University
Bender, Michael Directeur de Recherche University of Bordeaux 2006 France Research University
Mertzimekis, Theo J. Assistant Professor University of Athens 2006 Greece College / University
Neff, Thomas Staff Scientist GSI Darmstadt 2006 Germany National Laboratory
Terry, Russ Researcher Los Alamos National Laboratory 2006 USA Research University
Lukyanov, Sergei Senior Researcher Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, JINR, Dubna, Russia 2006 National Laboratory
Obertelli, Alexandre Researcher CEA Saclay 2006 France National Laboratory
Musser, Susan E. Medical Physicist Accelerated Medical Physics Services 2006 USA Medicine
Mocko, Michal Staff Scientist Los Alamos National Laboratory 2006 USA National Laboratory
Summers, Neil Physicist Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory None 2006 USA National Laboratory
Liu, Xiaodong Postdoctoral Research Associate Washington University School of Medicine 2005 USA Medicine
Liu, Tianxiao Clinical Physicist UC Davis, Department of Radiation Oncology 2005 USA Medicine
Liu, Hang Research Associate Texas Advanced Computing Center, UT, Austin 2005 USA Research University
Famiano, Michael Software Engineer EPIC None 2005 USA Computing
Lisetskiy, Alexander Software Developer Mintec, Inc. 2005 USA
Molzahn, Adam Electrical Engineer Still River Systems 2005 USA Industry
Dinca, Dan-Cristian Director of Science and Image Processing American Science & Engineering, Inc. 2005 Industry
Blideanu, Valentin None 2005
Hosmer, Paul Assistant Professor of Physics Hillsdale College 2005 USA
Shi, Lijun Quantitative Analyst The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation None 2005 USA Finance
Wallace, Mark Staff Scientist Los Alamos National Laboratory 2005 USA National Laboratory
Weissman, Leo Physicist Soreq Nuclear Research Center 2005 Israel National Laboratory
Mueller, Wilhelm Director of Applied Research Canberra Industries, Inc 2005 USA Industry
Zwahlen, Heather Technical Staff MIT Lincoln Laboratory 2005 USA Research University
Yoneda, Ken Research Scientist RIKEN 2005 Japan National Laboratory
Tomlin, Bryan E. Research Scientist Texas A&M University 2005 USA Research University
Pal, Subrata Assistant Professor of Physics Tata Institute of Fundamental Research 2005 India National Laboratory
Ouellette, Michelle Director of Publications and Public Relations SUNY Plattsburgh 2005 USA Small College
Simenel, Cedric Permanent Physicist CEA (France) 2005 France National Laboratory
Vorobiev, Leonid G. Guest Scientist Fermilab None 2004 USA National Laboratory
Pozdeyev, Eduard Physicist Michigan State University 2004 USA Research University
Morton, Colin ASD Operations Coordinator FRIB 2004 United States of America National Laboratory
Cooper, Matthew Scientist Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 2004 USA National Laboratory
Bertulani, Carlos Professor Texas A&M University-Commerce 2004 USA Research University
Lecouey, Jean-Luc Maitre de Conferences ENSICAEN/LPC 2004 France National Laboratory
Forringer, Edward Assistant Professor LeTourneau University 2004 USA Research University
Clement, Ryan None 2004
Church, Jennifer Physicist, Global Security Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2003 USA National Laboratory
van Goethem, Marc-Jan Researcher University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen 2003 Netherlands Medicine
Verde, Giuseppe Research Scientist INFN, Sezione di Catania, Italy 2003 Italy National Laboratory
Lofy, Patrick Scientist Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DoD) 2003 USA Government/Administration
Yurkewicz, Kathleen Miller Communication Director Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory 2003 USA National Laboratory
Shomin, Richard Technical Analyst / Shock Physics Scientist Boeing 2003 USA Industry
Santi, Peter Senior Instrumentation Specialist International Atomic Energy Agency 2003 USA
Seitz, Jeremy Requirements and Test Department of Defense 2003 USA Government/Administration
Groh, Daniel Professor Grand Rapids Community College 2002 USA Small College
Enders, Joachim Associate Professor Technische Universitaet Darmstadt 2002 Germany Research University
Cheng, Sen Professor Ruhr University Bochum 2002 Germany
Horvath, Akos Associate Professor Etvos Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary 2002 Hungary Research University
Tonjes, Marguerite Research Scientist University of Maryland, Department of Chemistry None 2002 USA Research University
Tryggestad, Erik Medical Physicist Mayo Clinic 2002 USA Medicine
Typel, Stefan Scientist Technische Universität Darmstadt 2002 Germany College / University
Podlech, Holger Prof. Dr. University of Frankfurt 2002 Germany Research University
Hu, Zhiqiang Physicist Philips Healthcare Cleveland 2002 USA Industry
Mulhall, Declan Associate Professor University of Scranton 2002 USA Research University
Perry, Ben Managing Director Vision Consulting Engineers Ltd 2002 USA Industry
Erdelyi, Bela Professor Northern Illinois University 2001 USA Research University
Makino, Kyoko Professor Department of Physics & Astronomy, Michigan State University 2001 USA Research University
Volya, Alexander Assistant Professor Florida State University 2001 USA Research University
Prisciandaro, Joann Assistant Professor/Radiation Oncology Physicist University of Michigan Health System, Department of Radiation Oncology 2001 USA Medicine
Hoefkens, Jens Head of Expressionist Genedata Inc. 2001 USA Medicine
Bass, Steffen A. Professor of Physics Duke University 2000 USA Research University
Bozek, Piotr Senior Scientist Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN, Krakow 2000 Poland Research University
Chen, Luke Sr. Scientist/Sr. Software Design Engineer Science Applications International Corporation 2000 USA Industry
Magestro, Daniel Director of Advanced Analytics Cardinal Health 2000 USA Finance
Ramsell, Chris Senior Applications Engineer KLA-Tencor 2000 USA Industry
Davids, Barry Research Scientist TRIUMF 2000 Canada National Laboratory
Xu, Hushan Professor Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 2000 China National Laboratory
Shamseddine, Khodr Associate Professor University of Manitoba 2000 USA Research University
Pritychenko, Boris Scientist Brookhaven National Laboratory 2000 USA National Laboratory
Maddalena, Valentina Assistant Bank of Italy None 2000 Italy Finance
Nakamura, Takashi Professor Tokyo Institute of Technology 2000 Japan Research University
Oros-Peusquens, Ana-Maria Researcher Research Centre Juelich 2000 Germany Medicine
Caggiano, Jac Senior Research Scientist Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 1999 USA National Laboratory
Aumann, Thomas Professor Technical University Darmstadt 1999 Germany National Laboratory
Blumenfeld, Yorick Senior Scientist IPN Orsay 1999 France National Laboratory
Alahari, Navin Director of Research CNRS Ganil 1999 France National Laboratory
Powell, Christopher Principal Scientist Argonne National Laboratory 1999 United States of America National Laboratory
Wagner, Andreas Division head Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf 1999 Germany National Laboratory
Wang, Jing Vice President, Head of Enterprise Model Validation Group American Express 1999 USA Finance
Chromik, Marcus Chief Risk Officer, member of the board Commerzbank AG 1999 Germany Banking
Hampton, Christine V. Consulting CALC 1999 USA
Kruse, Jon Medical Physicist Mayo Clinic 1999 USA Medicine
Hama, Hiroyuki Professor Tohoku University 1999 Japan Research University
Koivisto, Hannu Senior Research Assistant University of Jyväskylä 1999 Finland Research University
Chen, Ziping Researcher Renaissance Technologies LLC 1998 Finance
Chartier, Marielle Lecturer/Doctor University of Liverpool 1998 Great Britain Research University
Brown, David A. Staff Physicist Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 1998 USA National Laboratory
Gervais, Guillaume Professor McGill University 1998 Canada Research University
Crawley, Gerard "Gary" President Marcus Enterprises 1998 USA Industry
Scheit, Heiko Research Scientist TU Darmstadt 1998 Germany National Laboratory
Weiner, Jonathon VP, Research and Development LPS Applied Analytics 1998 USA Finance
Moehlenkamp, Theodor Senior Consultant AirITSystems Hannover GmbH 1998 Germany Computing
Huhta, Mika Product Program Manager Nokia Corp 1998 Finland Industry
Grevy, Stephane Permanent Researcher CNRS/GANIL 1998 France National Laboratory
Hackman, Greg Research Scientist TRIUMF 1998 Canada National Laboratory
Fauerbach, Michael Professor, Physics & Astronomy Florida Gulf Coast University 1997 USA Research University
Blank, Bertram Staff Researcher Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) 1997 France National Laboratory
Kortemeyer, Gerd Associate Professor Michigan State University 1997 USA Research University
Gaff Ejakov, Sally Product Development Engineer Ford Motor Company 1997 USA Industry
Popescu, Razvan Light Sources Directorate IT Manager Brookhaven National Laboratory None 1997 USA National Laboratory
Murray, Joelle Associate Professor Linfield College 1997 USA Small College
Huang, Min-Jui Software Engineer Yahoo 1997 USA Industry
Gossiaux, Bernard Professor Ecole des Mines de Nantes 1997 France Research University
Lemmon, Roy Physicist Daresbury Laboratory None 1996 United Kingdom National Laboratory
Hsi, Wen Chien Senior Physicist McLaren Proton Therapy Center None 1996 USA Medicine
Haglin, Kevin L. Professor and Department Chairperson St. Cloud State University 1996 USA Research University
Brown, James Associate Professor of Physics Wabash College 1996 USA Small College
Csoto, Attila Professor Eotvos University, Budapest 1996 Hungary Research University
McGrew, David A. Fellow Cisco Systems 1996 USA Computing
Azhari, Afshin Director of Case Management Services and Litigation Technologies AlixPartners, LLC 1996 USA Finance
Wolfe, Sherry Managing Director, Client Services Investor Analytics LLC 1996 USA Finance
Thirolf, Peter G. Senior Scientist / Priv. Doz. Dr. Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich 1996 Germany Research University
Yokoyama, Shigeru Senior Medical Physicist MaineGeneral Harold Alfond Center for Cancer Care 1996 United States of America Community Hospital
Yee, Jaeyong Professor of Physiology and Biophysics Eulji University, School of Medicine 1996 South Korea Medicine
Williams, Cornelius None None 1996
Zecher, Philip Chief Investment Officer Michigan State University 1996 United States of America College / University
Stone, Nathan Technical Program Manager Google None 1996 USA Computing
Pak, Robert Physicist Brookhaven National Laboratory 1996 USA National Laboratory
McNeely, Paul Research Scientist Max-Planck Institut furr Plasmaphysik 1996 Germany National Laboratory
Snyder, Steven Executive Director Reuben H Fleet Science Center 1996
Pfaff, Raman Senior Architect ExploreLearning 1996 United States of America Educational Software
Bonasera, Aldo Senior scientist Istituto Nazionale Fisica Nucleare-Italy 1995 Italy National Laboratory
Gualtieri, Eugene Physicist/Software Engineer University of Pennsylvania 1995 USA Medicine
Kelley, John H. Research Associate Professor North Carolina State University 1995 USA Research University
Handzy, Damian Global Head of Risk StatPro, Inc. 1995 United States of America Other
Wan, Weishi Staff Scientist Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory 1995 USA National Laboratory
Martin, Lilian Researcher at SUBATECH (Nantes) Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) 1995 France National Laboratory
Srivastava, Aseem K. Principal Scientist Axcelis Technologies, Inc. 1995 USA Industry
Ramakrishnan, Easwar Director of Technology and Services OriginLab Corporation 1995 USA Computing
Jeon, Dong-O None 1995
Kryger, Robert Principal BecKryger Capital Partners None 1995 USA Industry
Hoffstaetter, Georg Professor Cornell University 1994 USA Research University
Winfield, John Scientist GSI Helmholzzentrum fuer Schwerionenforschung GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany 1994 Germany National Laboratory
Montoya, Carlos Director Merrill Lynch None 1994 USA Finance
Kubo, Toshiyuki Professor (FRIB/NSCL) FRIB, Michigan State University 1994 National Laboratory
Schwarz, Carsten Senior Scientist GSI Darmstadt 1994 Germany National Laboratory
Mercer, David J. Staff Scientist Los Alamos National Laboratory 1994 USA National Laboratory
Kunde, Gerd J. Scientist Los Alamos National Laboratory 1994 USA National Laboratory
Llope, W.J. Associate Professor, Research Rice University 1994 USA Research University
Ieki, Kazuo Professor of Physics Rikkyo University 1993 Japan Research University
Carlson, Brett Vern Senior Researcher Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica 1993 Brazil Research University
Joh, Ki Hun Principal Engineer Marine System Research 3 Samsung Heavy Industries None 1993 Korea Industry
Peaslee, Graham F. Professor of Chemistry Hope College 1993 USA Small College
Phair, Larry Staff Scientist Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 1993 USA National Laboratory
Winger, Jeff Professor Mississippi State University 1993 United States of America College / University
Mader, Catherine Professor of Physics Hope College 1993 USA Small College
Yennello, Sherry Professor (Regents) of Chemistry and Associate Dean Texas A&M University 1993 USA Research University
Ju, Nengjiu Professor of Finance Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance 1993 China Research University
Lewenkopf, Caio Professor of Physics Universidade Federal Fluminense 1993 Brazil National Laboratory
Lisa, Mike Professor Ohio State University 1993 USA Research University
Bertsch, George F. Professor of Physics University of Washington 1992 USA Research University
Li, Bao-An Professor of Physics and Department Head Texas A&M University-Commerce 1992 USA Research University
Orr, Nigel Directeur de Recherche IN2P3/CNRS 1992 France National Laboratory
Harkewicz, Richard Senior Project Scientist University of California, San Diego 1992 USA Research University
Heilbronn, Lawrence Associate Professor University of Tennessee 1991 USA Research University
Dardenne, Yves Event Nuclear Chemist Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 1991 USA National Laboratory
Gong, Wen Consultant Oracle 1991 USA Computing
Kim, Yeongduk Professor Sejong University 1991 Korea Research University
Mohar, Michael Deputy Director, Remote Sensing Laboratory National Security Technologies, LLC (NSTec) 1991 USA Government/Administration
Clayton, James E. Senior Scientist Varian Medical Systems 1991 USA Medicine
Sustich, Andrew Dean, Graduate School Arkansas State University 1991 USA Research University
Souliotis, George A. Associate Research Scientist Cyclotron Institute, Texas A&M University None 1991 USA Research University
Reposeur, Thierry Physicist at CENBG, Bordeaux Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France. 1991 France National Laboratory
de Souza, Romualdo Professor of Chemistry and Physics Indiana University 1991 USA Research University
Mank, Guenter Senior Scientist Juelicher Entsorgungsgesellschaft fuer Nuklearanlagen 1990 Austria Nuclear Decommissioning
Carlin, Nelson Professor University of Sao Paulo, Physics Institute 1990 Brazil Research University
Cebra, Daniel Professor University of California, Davis 1990 USA Research University
Krofcheck, David Senior Lecturer The University of Auckland 1990 New Zealand Research University
Nayak, Tapan K. Scientist Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata, India 1990 India National Laboratory
Kusnezov, Dimitri Chief Scientist & Director Science and Policy National Nuclear Security Administration 1990 USA Government/Administration
Murakami, Tetsuya Assistant Professor Kyoto University 1989 Japan Research University
Murakami, Takeshi Senior Researcher, Head of Technical Management Section National Institute of Radiological Sciences None 1989 Japan National Laboratory
Langer, Steve Professor of Diagnostic Physics and Imaging Informatics Mayo Clinic 1989 USA Medicine
Xie, Daniel Zuqi Visiting Researcher Insititute of Modern Physics, China Academy of Science 1989 China National Laboratory
Rutt, Paul Director of Microelectronic Technology and Survivability SEAKR Engineering 1989 USA Industry
Ogilvie, Craig Assistant Dean Iowa State University 1989 United States of America College / University
Djalali, Chaden Professor, Carolina Distinguished University of South Carolina 1989 USA Research University
Lauritzen, Bent Head of Programme Technical University of Denmark (DTU) 1988 Denmark Research University
Brodbar, Debbie Sr Assistant Editor/Reviews of Modern Physics American Physical Society 1988 USA Government/Administration
Schelin, Hugo Researcher Pele Pequeno Principe Research Institute 1988 Brazil Research University
Lampis, Anna Rosa Deputy Director Arizona State University 1988
Koch, Jeffrey Manager, Physicist Nevada National Security Site 1988 National Laboratory
Bloch, Charles Associate Professor University of Washington 1987 USA Medicine
Angius, Silvana Unit Leader ARPA Lombardia - Regional Agency for Environmental Protection 1987 Italy Government/Administration
Cheon, Taksu Professor of Theoretical Physics Kochi University of Technology 1986 Japan Research University
Ormand, Erich Group Leader, Nuclear Theory & Modeling Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 1986 USA
Fields, David Chief Technology Officer Logos Technologies 1986 Industry
Pochodzalla, Josef Professor Universitaet Mainz 1986 Germany Research University
Sagawa, Hiroyuki Professor University of Aizu None 1986 Japan Research University
Scholten, Olaf Professor University of Groningen 1986 Netherlands Research University
van der Plicht, Hans Professor Groningen University and Leiden University 1986 Netherlands Research University
Remington, Bruce Group Leader in NIF Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 1986 USA National Laboratory
Caskey, Greg Quality Control/IT Omni Die & Engineering 1985 USA Industry
Koenig, Zachary Physicist Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 1985 USA National Laboratory
Sherrill, Brad Professor Michigan State University 1985 United States of America College / University
Stoecker, Horst Judah M. Eiesenberg Professor fuer Theoretisch Physik and Scientific Director Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universitaet Frankfurt and GSI Helmholtzzentrum fuer SChw 1985 Germany National Laboratory
Aichelin, Joerg Professor University of Nantes 1984 France Research University
Esbensen, Henning Physicist Argonne National Laboratory 1984 USA National Laboratory
Jacak, Barbara Professor of Physics, Distinguished Stony Brook University 1984 USA Research University
Krishnamoorthy, Janaki Medical Physicist NYS Department of Health None 1983
Radhi, Raad Professor of Physics Department of Physics, College of Science, University of Baghdad 1983 Iran Research University
Sarafian, Haiduke John T. and Paige S. Smith Professor of Science and Physics Professor Pennsylvania State University 1983 USA Research University
Toki, Hiroshi Professor Osaka University 1983 Japan Research University
Pangia, Michael Professor of Physics Georgia College & State University 1982 USA Small College
Finck, Joe Professor of Physics Central Michigan University 1982 USA Research University
Kasagi, Jirohta Professor Emeritus Tohoku University 1982 Japan Research University
Carr, James A. Associate Professor (Physics) Tallahassee Community College 1981 USA Small College
Zwieglinski, Boguslaw (Bogden) Group Leader/ Professor National Center for Nuclear Research 1981 Poland National Laboratory
Warner, Ray A. None 1981
Aryaeinejad, Rahmat None 1980
Gales, Sydney Director of Research, Classe Exceptionnel IPN Orsay, CNRS France 1980 France National Laboratory
Walker, Phil Professor of Physics University of Surrey 1980 United Kingdom Research University
DiStasio, Marty Principal Groundworx Analytics None 1980 USA Industry
Poggi, Giacomo Professor University of Florence 1980 Italy Research University
Serr, Frederick Senior Performance Engineer Akamai Technologies 1980 USA Industry
Deason, Paul 1979 United States of America Retired
DeVito, Raymond Director, Technology Commercialization Office Utah State University 1979 USA Research University
Young, Larry Technical Group Supervisor Caltech/Jet Propulsion Laboratory 1978 USA National Laboratory
Mueller, Dennis Principal Research Physicist Princeton University Plasma Physics Lab 1976 USA National Laboratory
Decowski, Piotr Professor Smith College 1976 USA Small College
Edmiston, Michael D. Professor of Physics and Chemistry Bluffton University 1976 USA Research University
Gilbert, Ken Associate Director for Basic Research National Center for Physical Acoustics 1976 USA National Laboratory
Gossman, David President Gossman Consulting, Inc. 1976
Boyno, John S. R&D Productivity Manager Eastman Kodak (Retired) 1974 USA Industry
Steele, William Control Systems Engineer Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory None 1974 USA National Laboratory
Doering, Robert Senior Fellow and Research Strategy Manager Texas Instruments 1974 USA Industry
Firestone, Rick Staff Scientist Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 1974 USA National Laboratory
Trilling, Richard Researcher-Retired Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris 1973 France Research University
Howell, Richard H Partner/Winemaker at Bent Creek Winery Bent Creek Winery 1972 USA Industry
Samuelson, Larry Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Tri-State University None 1972 USA Small College
Robertson, R.G. Hamish Professor of Physics (Boeing), Director, Center for Experimental Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics University of Washington 1971 USA Research University
Davids, Cary Senior Physicist Argonne National Laboratory 1969 USA National Laboratory
Beery, Dwight Professor Emeritus of Physics Manchester College 1969 USA Small College
Sager, Ronald E. CEO Quantum Design 1969 USA Industry
Plauger, P.J. President Dinkumware, Ltd. 1969 USA Computing
Slanina, Donald IT Consultant Retired 1969 Computing
Kopf, John O. Senior Staff Scientist, Chief Software Architect Retired 1968 Computing
Snelgrove, James L. Retired Retired 1968
Brandon, Carl S. Professor, CubeSat Lab Director Vermont Technical College 1967 USA Small College
Kozub, Raymond L. Professor Tennessee Technological University 1967 United States of America College / University
Kull, Lorenz A. President and COO (retired) Science Applications International Corporation 1967 USA Industry
Auble, Ronald L. Retired None 1966
Berg, Richard Professor of the Practice, Director, Physics Lecture-Demonstration Facility University of Maryland 1966 USA Research University
Beal, Jack W. Dean, School of Engineering Fairfield University 1964 USA Research University
Hergert, Heiko Assistant Professor Michigan State University USA Research University
Berryman, Jill Manager for User Relations Michigan State University United States of America College / University
Duguet, Thomas Staff CEA/Saclay France National Laboratory
Nam, Soon-Kwon Professor Kangwon National University South Korea Research University
Liddick, Sean Assistant Professor Michigan State University USA Research University
Zhang, Yingxun Associate Researcher China Institute of Atomic Energy China National Laboratory
Tostevin, Jeffrey Professor University of Surrey, UK Great Britain Research University
Suomijarvi, Tiina Professor University of Paris South France Research University