FRIB-TA Summer School--A Practical Walk through Formal Scattering Theory: Connecting Bound States, Resonances, and Scattering States in Exotic Nuclei and Beyond

Summer School , FRIB Theory Alliance
Wednesday, Aug 04, 9:00 AM - Summer School
Online via Zoom

Abstract:  Scattering theory is a framework connecting seemingly different phenomena of the quantum world such as stable bound states, resonances, elastic scattering, and reactions. It has applications in many areas of physics, ranging from hadrons and nuclear physics to the description of ultracold atomic systems. In particular, scattering theory provides the foundation for few- and many-body approaches that solve quantum problems from first principles, and it is an essential ingredient for the description of low-energy nuclear reactions that will be studied at the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB).