The (Hidden) Shades of Physics - Perspectives of being a Black Physicist

Paul Gueye, MSU
Wednesday, Aug 05, 4:10 PM - Women and Minorities in Science Lecture
Online via Zoom

Abstract:  Scientific discoveries have historically been rooted in the desire for some to take on a quest to tackle the unknown, often with relentless commitments and efforts. Failures along the way become learning outcomes that eventually shape the directions of the processes leading to solutions. We learn early on that the two camps in science, theorists and experimentalists, not only work in teams but also interact with each other to discuss and brainstorm ideas and pathways to establish meaningful information for the scientific community and the public at large. This relationship/collaboration can only occur if both sides listen carefully, process, and understand the information shared, and then implement the appropriate actions. My journey in becoming a physicist was mirrored after many similar statements while enduring yet unknown but interesting challenges within and outside the physics community. This talk will provide some personal perspectives in becoming a physicist while belonging to an untapped and hidden pool of talented individuals.