DNP Practice Talks

Thursday, Oct 11, 9:30 AM - Research Discussion
1300 FRIB Laboratory

Abstract:  *** Jeremy Lantis, NSCL- Development of Optical Pumping Technique for Determination of Charge Radii and Nuclear Moments for Fe and Zr isotopes *** Andrew Miller, NSCL- Charge radii of neutron-deficient 36,37,38Ca *** Katherine Childers, NSCL- Constraining the cross section of 82Se(n, γ)83Se to validate the β-Oslo method *** Rebecca Lewis, NSCL- Experimentally constrained 70Ni(n,γ)71Ni cross section *** Alicia Palmisano, NSCL- Cross Section Measurements of 84Kr(p,γ)85Rb *** Lisa Carpenter, NSCL- Cluster Structure and Three-Body Decay of 14C *** John Ash, NSCL- Nuclear Spectroscopy of 44,46Ca with Fusion Reactions Induced by Reaccelerated Rare-isotope Beams *** Robert Elder, NSCL- Reaction and lifetime studies of 32Mg through 2-proton knockout *** Dayah Chrisman, NSCL- Neutron Unbound States in the Island of Inversion *** Daniel Votaw, NSCL- Measurement of 9He ground and excited states ***