International Collaborations in Nuclear Theory (ICNT)

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1. Objectives

The main objective of the ICNT is to stimulate and coordinate topical programs that address specific needs of the rare isotope experimental research at NSCL/FRIB and other radioactive beam laboratories. The programs at NSCL/FRIB will be coordinated through the NSCL. Programs may be proposed to be held at other laboratories if funding from those laboratories is available.


2. Topical programs

The proposed topical programs will bring together theorists for the duration of two to four weeks. During that period, these theorists will address a particular problem that is directly relevant to ongoing or future experimental programs in rare isotope science. Most of the researcher’s time will be spent collaborating on the concerning issues, discussing the problem, elaborating strategies and developing solutions. A workshop can be attached to a topical program whenever that makes sense.  The topical program will have a practical outcome such that, at the end of the program, a deliverable must be made available (e.g. a white paper, a computer code, tables with reaction rates needed for astrophysics, etc).

Previous programs are documented here


3. Budget

The total budget is $50k for Programs at NSCL/FRIB. Depending on the size of the program this budget may be divided between more than one.  Programs held at other laboratories will depend upon availability of support from those labs.Travel costs are not included in the budget.


4. Applications

Applications for these programs should be submitted by the end of September of each year. By the end of October decisions will be made by the ICNT board on the programs for the following year. The applications should be submitted by email to to Alex Brown (

The proposal for topical programs should not exceed 3 pages and should contain a description of the scientific project, covering the scientific motivation, the relevance for the hosting laboratory, as well as the deliverables. It should also include the name and affiliations of critical experts that are needed for the effort to be successful and their demonstrated interest in participating for a significant fraction of time.

It will be the responsibility of the board to direct applications to ECT* or INT if appropriate.

5. ICNT Board

The 2015 ICNT board members are:

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