Graduate Student Work

Graduate students at NSCL have the unique opportunity to do research at a national laboratory located on the campus of a major research university.

What makes us unique

  • The strong interaction between the experimental and theoretical scientists and the frequent visitors and users of the facility creates an open and academically stimulating atmosphere.
  • NSCL is widely recognized for its cutting-edge research in nuclear science, nuclear astrophysics, accelerator physics, and engineering. This is evidenced by the large number of publications in high-quality refereed journals and invited talks at national and international conferences.
  • Most graduate students are financially supported with research assistantships when working on thesis projects. Exceptional students can be awarded an NSCL fellowship.

As the premier rare isotope facility in the United States for the next decade, NSCL and FRIB are a high national priority, as expressed in the recommendations in the 2015 Long Range Plan of the DOE/NSF Nuclear Science Advisory Committee. Experimental and theoretical insight gained at FRIB will lead to a comprehensive description of nuclei, elucidate the origin of the elements in the cosmos, provide an understanding of matter in the crust of neutron stars, and establish the scientific foundation for applications of nuclear science to society.