When you are not taking part in exciting, rewarding
research at the laboratory, there is much to do to have
an exciting, rewarding life outside of the laboratory.

Fun and friendship
The graduate students at FRIB and NSCL participate in a
number of different groups and activities. To name a few:
• Physics Choir
• Art Afternoons
• Soccer club
• Cycling group
• Laboratory potlucks and barbecues, and weekly ice
cream and bagel socials
• And many others available through MSU:

The Grand Canonical Ensemble (Physics Choir)
Physics Choir is a group of undergraduate, graduate, and
faculty physicists who meet for one hour twice a week to
sing together, just for fun. The choir performs twice a year
at departmental end-of-semester gatherings.


Art Afternoons
During Art Afternoons, physicists at MSU at any level
(undergrad, grad student, post-doc, staff, faculty, etc.) get
together with other artistically inclined physicists and make
art for a couple hours every week.

Outreach and enrichment
The graduate student organization, Women and Minorities
in the Physical Sciences (WaMPS), coordinates several
acitivities throughout the year. Some are enrichment
activities for graduate students, and others are outreach
activities for the community by graduate students. Learn
more about WaMPS on the next page.

Life in Lansing
The Lansing region is a nice place to live with a low cost
of living. Home to MSU and the state capital, the region
offers many cultural, sporting, and outdoor activities.
Beyond Lansing, you’re always only a short drive away from
a Great Lake and other recreational, dining, and cultural
opportunities Michigan offers.