First ReA3 Experiment

The NSCL passed another significant milestone when the entire NSCL facility operated in concert to make one experiment possible.   The first scheduled experiment with a rare-isotope beam produced by the coupled cyclotrons, separated with the A1900, thermalized in N4, charge-bred in the EBIT and then reaccelerated by ReA3 was used to carry out an experiment with the AT-TPC.  

The experiment aimed to study how 46Ar is changed by the addition of another neutron. The changes that occurred in the structure of nuclei as neutrons and protons are added provide important input into testing and refining nuclear models. This information is particularly interesting because of mysteries surrounding the character of 46Ar and its neighbors on the nuclear chart. It is the first in a series of similar experiments that offer the opportunity to explore the nuclear landscape with as few as a few hundred atoms per second.

Rea3 people

Laboratory leaders were pleased to share the excitement of this milestone experiment with the entire lab.