National Superconducting
Cyclotron Laboratory

Greg Severin
Greg Severin
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
PhD 2010, Nuclear Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Joined NSCL in 2016
Phone 517-908-7124
Office 2014

Greg Severin

In my group we develop the equipment and techniques necessary to collect and use by-product radionuclides from NSCL and FRIB. The entire process is termed “isotope harvesting” and it has been identified by the U.S. Nuclear Science Advisory Committee as a promising new source for hard-to-produce radionuclides. Students in the group work on isolating individual elements from the mix of radionuclides that are present in gas, water, and solid metal matrices at the facility. As we start to collect isotopes with greater frequency, we will match them to basic and applied science research in fields like medicine, physiology, and nuclear security.

For the isotope harvesting project we built a new beam dump and water circulation system to allow us to collect isotopes at NSCL. The design was specifically aimed to replicate the FRIB water purification system so that our efforts now will be applicable for isotope harvesting at FRIB. As FRIB comes online we are also building a new radiochemistry laboratory where we will be able to process harvested isotopes and implement new purification and separation schemes for elements ranging from magnesium to protactinium.

Students in my group are immersed in a large variety of fields like nuclear physics and targetry; analytical, inorganic, and physical chemistry; and, depending on student interest, applied radionuclide research areas like radiopharmaceutical science, or nuclear security. Within that broad scope, students have the freedom to pursue the area of research that interests them to arbitrary depth. Students are funded by DOE sponsored research projects and fellowships and are expected to spend one semester doing practicum research at a DOE-run national lab.


Selected Publications

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Fonslet J, Tietze S, Jensen AI, Graves SA, Severin GW. Optimized procedures for manganese-52: Production, separation and radiolabeling. Appl Radiat Isot 2017;121:38–43. doi:10.1016/j.apradiso.2016.11.021.
[5] Severin GW, Kristensen LK, Nielsen