National Superconducting
Cyclotron Laboratory

Yue Hao
Yue Hao
Associate Professor of Physics
Accelerator Physics
PhD, Physics, Indiana University, 2008
Joined NSCL in 2016

Yue Hao

My research group focuses on in-depth understandings of accelerator physics. Our goal is to find elegant approaches to achieve a high-intensity and high-quality beam of charged particles in an accelerator. Such a beam provides a powerful tool in various fields, such as high energy/nuclear physics, condensed matter physics, biology/chemistry, medical and industrial applications.  The main approach of my group is the theoretical analysis and corresponding computer simulation.

One of the challenging topics in accelerator physics is nonlinear dynamics. The nonlinearity arises from the inevitable nonlinear devices, as well as the self-interaction among the charged particles. We analyze the dynamics using nonlinear differential equations or the nonlinear maps.

Following the pioneering work by the French mathematician, Poincare, we develop analytical tools to analyze the phase space of the charged particles.

 When attacking the nonlinearity from interactions of charged particles, we usually involve the high-performance computation as a powerful tool.  The upcoming exascale computation facility presents a great challenge but also opportunity to extend the scale of the analysis. By understanding the nonlinear dynamics better, we expect to achieve a brighter beam in the circular accelerators.

In addition to the theoretical studies, to achieve a desirable performance of accelerator, we also need precise control of each tunable parameter of the accelerator, based on the observation with beam diagnostic tools. The below figure demonstrates that we use a statistics tool, Bayesian inference, to infer the parameters, which are hard to measure directly, using the diagnostic data and accelerator model.


Selected Publications

‘Electron-Ion Collider: The next QCD frontier’, The European Physical Journal A, 52, 9 (2016)

Y.Hao, ‘Beam-beam Effects of ‘Gear- changing’ in Ring-Ring Colliders’, PRAB. 17, 041001 (2014).

Hao, ‘Study and Mitigation of the Kink Instability in the ERL-based Electron Ion Collider’, PRAB, 16, 101001 (2013)

Hao and V. Ptitsyn, ‘Effect of Electron Disruption in the ERL based eRHIC’, PRAB, 13, 071003 (2010)