Testing Fundamental Symmetries by Precision Measurements using Polar Molecular Ions

Yan Zhou, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Wednesday, Jan 19, 4:10 PM - Nuclear Science Seminar
Online via Zoom

Abstract:  My research group focus on applying molecular ions on a variety of scientific applications such as quantum information processing, study of cold chemistry, and searches for new physics beyond the Standard Model. In this talk, I will present two ongoing electrons electric dipole moment (eEDM) experiments. One is trapping thousands of HfF+ or ThF+ ions in a large Paul trap in a rotating frame that aims for high signal throughput and moderately long coherence time. The other is applying quantum logic protocol to precisely control and detect a single ion (ThF+ or TaO+) in a cryogenic surface ion trap that targets for extremely long coherence, low systematics, and parallelism. Furthermore, extensions of the similar measurements to other new physics exploration, such as measuring nuclear magnetic quadrupole moment (NMQM) and searching for axion dark matter, will be discussed as well.