High School Honors Science Program

The High School Honors Science Program (HSHSP) is a non-credit residential enrichment program for high school sophomores and juniors who want to live on a college campus during the summer and learn more about research. The topics are many:

  • one of the life sciences or
  • one of the physical sciences or
  • engineering or
  • mathematics

The program is organized by the Division of Science Education and Department of Teacher Education; NSCL faculty participate as mentors.

What you learn: HSHSP students participate in research carried out by an NSCL group and also work on their own research project. Each student’s project results in a report.

When: Mid-June through early August


  • An essay written by the student stating his or her interest in science and why she/he would like to participate in the HSHSP
  • A list of books and magazines read the past year (those assigned by teachers should be listed separately)
  • Letters of recommendation from at least two high school science or mathematics instructors, including a phone number and, if possible, an e-mail address at which they may be contacted
  • A certified transcript of high school grades and standardized test scores

Cost: $2,100. This fee covers room, board and some instructional costs.

Sponsors: Division of Science Education and Department of Teacher Education

Website: www.msu.edu/~hshsp/

MSU Contact:
Dr. Gail Richmond
Associate Professor and Director
High School Honors Science Program
Phone: 517-432-4854
E-mail: gailr@msu.edu