Visiting Scientists

Future Visiting Scientists in next 30 days

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October 22, 2014–October 22, 2014
  Yury Litvinov, GSI
  Host: Iwasaki, Hironori—Purpose: Nuclear Seminar Speaker

Current Visiting Scientists

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February 28, 2013–March 12, 2031
  Rensheng Wang,
  Host: Tsang—Purpose: Visitor
October 15, 2014–November 6, 2014
  Ronald Johnson, University of Surrey
  Host: Nunes—Purpose: Research Collaboration
October 18, 2014–October 22, 2014
  Jacek Dobaczewski, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland and University of Warsaw
  Host: Nazarewicz—Purpose: Theory Seminar Speaker
October 18, 2014–October 23, 2014
  Marion MacCormick, Institut de Physique Nucléaire (IPNO)
  Host: Mittig—Purpose: Nuclear Seminar Speaker