Seminar Details

Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy of High Spin States in 88,89Zr

Sudipta Saha, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai
Tuesday, August 26, 11:00 AM - Special Seminar
NSCL Lecture Hall

High spin spectroscopy of nuclei near shell closure remains a subject of current interest in nuclear physics. In particular, the high spin states of nuclei near 90Zr provide an ideal testing ground for the newly available shell model interactions in the f5 / 2pg9 / 2 model space. Further, the properties of different high-j orbitals across the 50 shell gap which play crucial role in shell evolution far away from the stability line, can be studied from their contribution at high spin states near the shell closure. With these motivations, high spin states of 88,89Zr were studied with 13C(80Se,xn) fusion evaporation reaction using the Indian National Gamma Array (INGA) at TIFR-BARC Pelletron-LINAC facility, Mumbai. Comparison of the measured excited states with JUN45 and jj44b interactions have been performed. Lifetime measurements of various states of 88,89Zr have been carried out and the same have been compared with the shell model calculations. A regular cascade of around ten ϒ rays of fast M1 character has been observed in 89Zr where the shell model calculation deviates progressively at higher spin indicating excitations across the shell gap.