Seminar Details

Development, Manufacturing, Testing, and Commissioning of an Annular-ring Coupled Structure for J-PARC Linac 400-MeV Upgrade

Hiroyuki Ao, J-PARC, JAEA/KEK
Monday, April 28, 1:30 PM - Special ASD Seminar
NSCL Seminar Room

This presentation will provide the R&D, fabrication and commissioning of Annular-ring Coupled Structure (ACS) of the J-PARC linac. The mass-production of the ACS cavities started from March 2009 and completed by March 2013. From September 2013, 25 ACS cavities were additionally installed to increase the linac beam energy from 200 MeV up to 400 MeV. After installation work the high power conditioning was started from December 2013. The developments, fabrication process including low-level RF measurements, high power conditioning, and recent operation status will be discussed.