Seminar Details

The Search for Cluster Structure in 14C with the Prototype AT-TPC

Adam Fritsch, MSU NSCL/Physics
Thursday, March 20, 11:00 AM - Research Discussion
NSCL Lecture Hall

Certain light nuclei are known to have inherent cluster structuring, and there is much discussion about the nature of the triple-alpha structure in the Hoyle state of 12C. Clustering in neutron-rich nuclei is of particular interest as such work could shed light on how neutrons affect alpha clustering, making 14C a logical candidate for such a study. In this talk, I will discuss work done at the University of Notre Dame with the prototype Active Target-Time Projection Chamber (AT-TPC). A 37.8 MeV secondary beam of 10Be was incident on a gaseous 4He active target. Elastic and inelastic scattering are observed, and resonant states in 14C are observed. Further analysis to assign spin-parity states to the resonant states is currently underway.