Seminar Details

Description of Continuum States in Three-Cluster Systems

Carolina Romero-Redondo, TRIUMF
Tuesday, February 4, 11:00 AM - Theory Seminar
NSCL Seminar Room

Three-body systems appear in a wide range of physical problems. Continuum states of such systems are particularly difficult to describe and can play a crucial role, for example, in important fusion reactions or the structure of two-neutron halo nuclei. Big efforts have been made in order to better characterize them. In this talk we will introduce two integral relations, derived from Kohn variational principle, which permit us to obtain the S-matrix of a given reaction from the internal part of the wave functions. These integral relations are fully general and will be applied jointly with the Adiabatic Expansion Method in order to describe three-body scattering processes in different systems. Finally, we will present the inclusion of three-body dynamics in the ab initio no-core shell model/resonating group method (NCSM/RGM). Within this approach, the description of three-cluster systems is obtained considering its nucleons as the fundamental components. The first study from the first principles of the halo nucleus 6He within a 4He-n-n basis will be shown.