Seminar Details

Neutron Physics at NIST

Jeffrey Nico, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Wednesday, January 29, 4:10 PM - Nuclear Science Seminar
NSCL Lecture Hall

The neutron is an electrically neutral, strongly interacting, long-lived but unstable particle that can be used either as a probe or an object of study. Experimentation using neutrons is an integral part of studies spanning fields as diverse as nuclear and particle physics, fundamental symmetries, astrophysics and cosmology, and gravitation. It can also be used as an important tool for applications such as imaging and quantum information. The talk will give a brief overview of some of the types of work performed with neutrons at NIST and also discuss recent work done on measuring the neutron lifetime using a cold beam. Experimental improvements, specifically recent advances in the determination of absolute neutron fluence, should permit an overall uncertainty of 1 second on the lifetime in a new experiment under development.