Seminar Details

New concepts for ADS subcritical core and spallation target

Dr. Lei YANG, Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Science
Tuesday, December 3, 11:15 AM - Special ASD Seminar
1221 A&B Conference Rooms

For ADS to burn MA, the Coolants of Liquid Heavy Metal and Gas have been studied for many years. Lots of designs of ADS have been proposed based on the coolants, such as Lead/LBE and He, where the fast neutron spectrum is necessary. The tens of MW spallation targets for ADS is not an easy task, in the operation spallation targets, the SNSís total heat power is 1.4MW. In Chinese ADS research, the granular flow is introduce into ADS, the Thermal Properties, Chemical Properties and etc of granular flow have been studied. A granular target and the granular cooling reactor can be coupled as the ADS. The ADS has large thermal inertia, low chemical and radio toxic, low pressure and etc. In summary, the system have chance to avoid the weak points of gas cooling fast system and keep the strong points.