Seminar Details

Our Energy Future

Robert Ehrlich, George Mason University
Thursday, September 5, 4:10 PM - Physics and Astronomy Colloquium
Biomedical & Physical Sciences Bldg., Rm. 1415

Although the consensus of climate scientists is that a significant fraction of global warming is human-caused, there is a rising level of public polarization about the matter. Here I will discuss several reasons for this divide, and how clean energy, possibly including nuclear, can be the bridge across the political chasm to deal with the matter in a way that is sound both politically and technologically. We will also discuss other reasons besides climate change to move away from fossil fuels, and the advantages and drawbacks of renewable energy. Finally, we address some comments to students why they should consider entering the field as well as to faculty so as to promote support for an undergraduate minor in renewable energy. [In a separate 15 min segment if desired I discuss some new evidence for neutrinos being tachyons. For fun, see:]