Seminar Details

Search for Supernova-produced 60Fe in the Earth's Fossil Record

Shawn Bishop, TU Munchen
Wednesday, September 25, 4:10 PM - Nuclear Science Seminar
NSCL Lecture Hall

Approximately 2.8 Myr before the present our planet was subjected to the debris of a supernova explosion. The terrestrial proxy for this event was the discovery of live atoms of 60Fe in a deep-sea ferromanganese crust. The signature for this supernova event should also reside in magnetite (Fe3O4) magnetofossils produced by magnetotactic bacteria, which live in the ocean sediments, extant at the time of the Earth-supernova interaction. We have conducted accelerator mass spectrometry measurements, searching for 60Fe in the magnetofossil component of a Pacific Ocean sediment core. This talk will present the results of this first search and, time permitting, discuss our new search for this signal in a second Pacific Ocean sediment core.