Seminar Details

Thick Gaseous-Electron Multiplier (THGEM): a Simple Solution for Large-Area Gaseous Imaging Detectors

Marco Cortesi, Paul Scherrer Institute
Thursday, June 20, 11:00 AM - Special Seminar
NSCL Lecture Hall

I briefly review the concept and properties of the Thick GEM (THGEM); it is a robust, high-gain gaseous electron multiplier, manufactured economically by standard printed-circuit drilling and etching technology. The large avalanche multiplication factor, the single-electron sensitivity, the high-rate capability, the good timing properties and the possibility of industrial production capability of large-area robust detectors, pave ways towards a broad spectrum of potential applications. In this seminar, I will present and discuss in details some recent results on development of large-area THGEM detector for Nuclear Industry and Homeland security, including: Advanced fast-cold neutron imaging detector for tomography/radiography applications, with the aim of investigating various practical thermal-hydraulic processes (such as dynamic gas-liquid two-phase flow), relevant for nuclear power plan technology development. Some other possible applications include dynamic visualization of combustion engine fluid dynamics, non-destructive monitoring of capillary processes, investigation of heat exchange in fluidized-bed heat exchangers for the steel industry, or investigations of turbulent oil-gas flow through a pipe in petrochemical industry, radioactive waste characterization. A novel Liquid-Xe detector concept for combined fast-neutron and gamma imaging and spectroscopy. It comprises a LXe-filled capillaries converter and scintillator coupled to a UV-sensitive gaseous imaging photomultiplier (GPM). Radiation imaging is obtained by localization of the scintillation-light from LXe with the position-sensitive GPM. The latter comprises a cascade of Thick Gas Electron Multipliers (THGEM), where the first element is coated with a CsI UV-photocathode. The new detector concept has potential applications in combined fast-neutron and gamma-ray screening of hidden explosives and fissile materials with pulsed sources. Other potential applications range in High Energy physics environment as well as other fields, including High-Rate Particle Tracking and Triggering, Time Projection Chamber Readout, Photon Detectors for Cherenkov Imaging Counters (RICH), X-Ray Astronomy, Medical Applications, Homeland Security.