Seminar Details

Noble Gas Radiation Detector R&D with Selected Applications

Michael Hosack, Purdue University
Tuesday, June 4, 11:00 AM - Special Seminar
NSCL Lecture Hall

Noble gas radiation detectors have a wide range of applications. Four detectors designed for very different purposes are described in this talk. The first relies on fast scintillation light for detection of gamma rays at MHz rates. This liquid detector is optimized for rapid elemental identification in nuclear material accounting or the detection of hidden contraband. The second detector relies on slow charge collection for detection of X-rays at kHz rates. This gas detector is optimized to provide precise spatial information for astrophysics observations involving polarized X-rays from our Sun. The readout and charge amplification scheme of this polarimeter belongs to the broad category of Micropattern Gas Detectors (MGDs). A different MGD for higher rates is under development at Bruker AXS for use in X-ray protein crystallography. Finally, time allowing, I will describe two quality control verification systems for large-area proportional tube particle tracking arrays in high-energy physics experiments.