Seminar Details

SPIRAL1: From R&D to the Commissioning of a Radioactive Ion Beam Production System

Antonio Villari, Pantechnik
Wednesday, January 16, 11:00 AM - Accelerator Physics Seminar
1221A Conference Room

The SPIRAL1 facility at GANIL-France, based on the ISOL (Isotope Separation On-Line) method, is operational and producing RIBs since 2001. These beams can be subsequently injected to a dedicated post-acceleration cyclotron for reaching energies between 1.7A and 25A MeV. Differently from the classical ISOL production scheme, SPIRAL1 allows using a variety of available combinations beam-target, due to the fact that the driver of SPIRAL1 (GANIL) is a Heavy Ion accelerator. This particularity allows SPIRAL1 to use the most resilient and efficient couple beam-target in most cases. After a brief overview of the project, this presentation will focus on the strategy, crucial decisions, schedule and risks taken during the realization of the RIB production system. This system involves a high temperature target and a compact ECR ion source for the production of multi-charged ion beams close-by the target. Being SPIRAL1 a French National facility, the reliability of the system, as well as safety and radio-protection issues are of paramount importance. All these aspects will be discussed during this presentation, mainly showing how R&D objects became reliable systems integrated in the facility. SPIRAL1 was built in 5 years.