NSCL Publications

Production Cross Sections from 82Se Fragmentation as Indications of Shell Effects in Neutron-Rich Isotopes Close to the Drip-Line. O. B. Tarasov, M. Portillo, D. J. Morrissey, A. M. Amthor, L. Bandura, T. Baumann, D. Bazin, J. S. Berryman, B. A. Brown, G. Chubarian, N. Fukuda, A. Gade, T. N. Ginter, M. Hausmann, N. Inabe, T. Kubo, J. Pereira, B. M. Sherrill, A. Stolz, C. Sumithrarachichi, M. Thoennessen and D. Weisshaar, Phys. Rev. C 87 (2013) 054612.
doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.87.054612