NSCL Publications

Selectivity of the One-Neutron Knockout Reaction on 45Cl and the Collapse of the N=28 Shell Closure. L.A. Riley, P. Adrich, T.R. Baugher, D. Bazin, B.A. Brown, J.M. Cook, P.D. Cottle, C.A. Diget, A. Gade, D.A. Garland, T. Glasmacher, B.A. Hartl, K.E. Hosier, K.W. Kemper, A. Ratkiewicz, K.P. Siwek, D.C. Stoken, J.A. Tostevin, and D. Weisshaar, Phys. Rev. C 79 (2009) 051303(R).
doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.79.051303(R)