Seaborg Award for Lee Sobotka

One of NSCL’s long-time users, Lee Sobotka from Washington University in
St. Louis, has won the American Chemical Society’s 2010 Seaborg award in
Nuclear Chemistry. This award is given to those who have made outstanding
contributions in either basic or applied nuclear chemistry. There will be
an awards symposium at the ACS meeting in San Francisco, March 21-25,
2010. While his citation is “for contributions to the understanding of
complex nuclear reactions and for the creation of novel detectors and
signal-processing technologies for basic and applied nuclear science,” his
recent efforts are directed to the overlap areas of nuclear structure and
reactions in an attempt to understand the properties of nuclei far removed
from stability. Thus, his interests and those of NSCL and FRIB are
completely parallel. In a note from Lee to the lab, he thanked all his
collaborators at NSCL and listed as his only above-average quality his
ability to pick collaborators. Lee invites all collaborators to join him
in celebration at the ACS meeting in San Fransisco, March 23, 2010.
(Abstracts are due 10/18.)