From the CERN Courier: Camera captures image of two-proton decay

"In work that harks back to the early days of nuclear physics, an international team of researchers at Michigan State University's National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL) has used a novel detector incorporating a CCD camera to record optically the tracks of charged particles emitted in the two-proton decay of iron-45," reports the CERN Courier in its January/February 2008 issue. A seven-minute audio interview with NSCL assistant professor Andreas Stolz is available as a supplement to the article.

The research result also was covered in the December 2007 issue of Nature Physics (see "Caught in the act" by Philip M. Walker and
Ronald C. Johnson from the University of Surrey) and the January 2008 issue of Physics Today (see "New experiments view details of nuclear two-proton emission by reporter Steven K. Blau)."