NSCL Alumni Profile

W.J. Llope
Associate Professor, Research

my brief time at the NSCL (1992-1994) was great fun. so much more centralized and efficient and accessible compared to RHIC, where i work now. we took data with the 4pi detector at up to 15 kHz. a huge energy scan took nothing more than an evening.
walk down the hall and ask for a new beam energy - and get it in 10 minutes. walk down another hallway and get access to the detector whenever needed. walk down another hallway and develop new ideas with excellent mechanical engineers and then work with first-rate machinists to get it built in-house. and then repeat this cycle with the new detectors.

i look back on my time at the NSCL with great fondness, and feel very lucky that i got a chance to be a part of it.