NSCL Alumni Profile

Kevin L. Haglin
Professor and Department Chairperson

My postdoc experience at the NSCL (MSU) helped greatly to position myself as a junior faculty member with supportive collaborators at the NSCL and other institutions. This helped tremendously when it came time to seek funding and write appropriate research proposals.
I accepted visiting faculty appointments for two consecutive years after leaving MSU in 1996 (at Lawrence University and Grinnell College). In 1998 I joined the department of Physics and Astronomy at St. Cloud State University as an Assistant Professor (tenure track). I was promoted to Associate Professor in 2001, was tenured in 2003. In 2004 I became Department Chair, and was finally promoted to full professor in 2005.
I continue to teach courses across the physics curriculum and very much enjoy that role--even while serving as chair, I continue to teach a full load of introductory physics, advanced physics, and supplementary instruction. I especially enjoy my professional activities of teaching and interacting with students, carrying out funded research involving undergraduates, and, more recently, serving as department chair. It has been great!