NSCL Alumni Profile

Rick Firestone
Staff Scientist

I've been a staff scientist in the Nuclear Science Division of LBNL since leaving MSU in 1979. My research spans the broad subject area from nuclear applications for environmental and paleontology studies to nuclear data, nuclear spectroscopy and the measurement of neutron cross sections. I've written or co-authored hundreds of papers and several books including the Table of Radioactive Isotopes, the 8th edition of the Table of Isotopes, the Handbook of Prompt Gamma-ray Activation Analysis, and the Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes. Currently most of my research is done with neutron beams at the Budapest Reactor and with SEM/XRF at the USGS. My recent publications include /Evidence for an extraterrestrial impact 12,900 years ago that contributed to the megafaunal extinctions and the Younger Dryas cooling/ in PNAS, the evaluation of mass /A=24 /in Nuclear Data Sheets, and /Thermal neutron capture cross sections of the Palladium isotopes/ in Phys. Rev. C. (in press). My wife Mary also graduated from MSU and is a professor in the Environmental Science, Policy and Management Department at the University of California, Berkeley. We have three sons Teddy, who graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 2005, Robert, who just graduated from the University of Michigan (2008), and Michael, who is still in high school. We live in El Cerrito, CA.