PAN 2008

PAN 2008 has finished. To learn more about what went on during the two-week program, browse the pictures, lectures, and student presentations below. Or, return to the main PAN page.

Lecture Slideshows/Notes

Baumann: MoNA Detector Physics

Bazin: Nuclear Experiments

Bickley: Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

Bogner: Nuclear Theory

Brown: Type Ia Supernovae

Constan: NSCL tour intro

Schatz: Nuclear Astrophysics (handouts)

Thoennessen: MoNA Research

Zegers: PAN/JINA intro

Student group posters




Many thanks to PAN Faculty and Staff for making this year's program possible!

Program coordinators: Remco Zegers, Hendrik Schatz, David McCreight, Mary Dewitt, Zach Constan and Lindsay Hebeler

Lecturers: Thomas Baumann, Daniel Bazin, Abigail Bickley, Scott Bogner, Ed Brown, Scott Bogner, and Michael Thoennessen

MoNA Technical Staff: Artemis Spyrou and Amy Deline

Graduate assistants: Carol Guess, Micha Kilburn, and Jesse Snyder

REU assistants: Holly Brown, Adam Fritsch, Mike Heim, Anna Schuh,Aimee Shore, and Shawna Uher

Tour guide: Micha Kilburn

Computer guru: Steve Beher

Congratulations to all the teachers and students who participated in PAN this summer!