NSCL Outreach - Downloads

Below are links to downloadable files relating to NSCL outreach programs.
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Laboratory Tours

NSCL Tour Instructions (PDF, including maps/directions)

A Tour Certification Form that must be filled out by ALL groups and brought to the tour (PDF)

The minor permission form for visitors under 18 (PDF)

NSCL Brochure (three-page, 2012) (PDF)

Useful things for students (or anyone) to know before touring NSCL (PDF) 

Large Tour Locations poster (PDF)

The NSCL Documentary: "Nucleus Factory" at public TV station WKAR. (Download file here)

Michigan Content Standards met by NSCL tours.

See more of our laboratory (including virtual tours and interviews with researchers) on the NSCL YouTube channel.

Physics of Atomic Nuclei

Images and presentations from PAN over the years can be found on the Past Programs page.

Michigan Content Standards met by PAN. 

Catch a Cosmic Ray

Instructions for teachers whose classes participate in this program (DOC)

Pre/post-test answer sheet (DOC)

Cosmic Rays Pre-test (Powerpoint file for use before arriving at NSCL)

Introduction to Cosmic Rays (Powerpoint file for use before arriving at NSCL)

Cosmic Ray experiments: Altitude, Angle, and Shielding

Cosmic Rays Post-test (Powerpoint file for use after NSCL visit, post-test)

Michigan Content Standards met by Catch a Cosmic Ray. 

Learn Nuclear Science with Marbles

Download documents from the JINA Outreach page

Including teacher's guide, lesson and hands-on activities, games, building instructions for the fragmentation box shown at right, and a powerpoint slideshow.

Michigan Content Standards met by Marble Nuclei lesson/activities.

Open House

Open House 2006 poster (PDF)

Other JINA outreach products

Download from the JINA Outreach page