MSU Sponsors 2012 U.S. Particle Accelerator School in Grand Rapids

MSU is sponsoring the 2012 Summer Session of the U.S. Particle Accelerator School that is being held in Grand Rapids. The US Particle Accelerator School is a national graduate program that provides graduate-level educational programs in the science of particle beams and their associated accelerator technologies that are not otherwise available to the scientific and engineering communities. It also promotes the development and publication of advanced technology textbooks.

The program conducts graduate and undergraduate level courses at U.S. universities, holding two such programs per year, one in June and one in January. These courses, running 2 weeks in duration, take place at leading universities across the United States. By successfully completing the two-week course requirements, which include forty-five contact hours as well as daily problems and examinations, students earn three semester hours of university credit.

Typically, prerequisites are classical mechanics and electromagnetism at the junior or senior undergraduate level. However, specific prerequisites are listed in each course description.

Students pay their own registration fee (included in this fee are two meals per day), housing costs and travel expenses. The school does offer financial support to university students. Interested parties should contact us at

Qualified teachers are chosen from national laboratories, universities and private industry. The result is a large pool of prospective instructors with a rich variety of forefront knowledge and methods. The school can therefore cover in its curriculum the broad spectrum of material needed to adequately represent the diverse, multi-disciplinary field of beam physics and accelerator technology.

This summer's program will be held in Grand Rapids and sponsored by MSU. The school runs from June 18 - 29, and offers one undergraduate course, with the rest being graduate-level. Applications will be available in early January.

For more information, see the school's website at