Stopped and reaccelerated beams

The reacceleration of stopped fast-fragment beams or low-energy ISOL beams to the energy range of 0.3-12 MeV/nucleon allows for experiments such as low-energy Coulomb excitation and transfer reaction studies and also for the precise study of astrophysical reactions. NSCL is coupling a reaccelerator to a gas stopper at its fragmentation facility to provide rare isotope beams of nuclides not available at ISOL facilities in this energy regime. NSCL will implement charge breeding to obtain a compact and cost-efficient reaccelerator. Specifically, an Electron Beam Ion Trap (EBIT) will be used for charge-breeding since it has the potential to rapidly and efficiently output highly charged ions in a single charge state. The system will provide highly charged ions at an energy of 12 keV/nucleon to a compact linear accelerator for further acceleration. (More.)